Career Coaching: Launching Young Professionals

Career Coaching: Launching Young Professionals

Do you know a Young Professional (YP) struggling to launch (or re-launch) in today's job market? 


Impact: According to SHRM.Org, the "Average Starting Salary for Recent College Grads Hovers Near $51,000."  That means the average unemployed or under-employed, YP (who still has baseline expenses (rent, food, etc..) of ~$2,500/month is experiencing a ~$80K/yr++ financial opportunity gap! Until resolved, they're likely flatlining on income and going deeper into debt, tapping limited family resources -- or both! 


Most importantly, this experience reinforces negative feelings of low self-esteem, self-confidence and professional value. This makes launching (or re-launching) even more challenging and stands to have a long-term negative psychological effects which impact career performance.   


The reality is today's YPs do face challenges greater than any generation before them, and yet the career challenge essentially remains the same: To demonstrate the education, skills, training, reliability and confidence needed to make it in the "real world" -- to be value-added to the organization and make a difference. The question is how?


Even in these challenging times, employers are actively looking to hire talent. Unfortunately, most otherwise talented and well-educated YPs have not mastered the "adulting" skills they need prior to university graduation. To bridge this gap, they need a better understanding of the job market and practice in key skills. They need to transform existing personal strengths into critical "adulting" skills. Redirecting these "soft skills" into management tools enable Young Professionals to more effectively set expectations, design and execute a plan of action, secure gainful employment and drive their own early career management. They also need to overcome the self-imposed mental obstacles in order to expand and strengthen their own network of strategic partners -- business professionals who are interested to help them on their career journey.


Young professionals I've worked with consistently want to make a contribution towards something greater than themselves; to lend their time and talent towards an organization with a vision & mission they believe in passionately. Ideally, they also want to align this passion with financial compensation to achieve a sustainable career. They understand the importance of being valuable to the team and remaining true to their own core values. 


Leadership and career coaching in this arena results in increased independence, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-reliance and financial stability, which pays dividends for years to come.


In my own career journey, I've served as a senior Intelligence Officer for our U.S. Navy SEALs, and later as a senior advisor and executive leadership coach to highly successful COOs and CEOs. Not bad for a guy who started as a grill cook at Wendy's and ran a local lawn maintenance business before serving as an enlisted Navy sailor.


As a Leadership Coach, I've run countless individual and team training events focused on building the full-range of leadership skills needed for success at each level. In the last two years, I've been asked increasingly to work with young professionals who are launching (or re-launching) into the job market. I understand what employers are looking for in YPs, I understand the Client, and will develop and coach those critical skills needed for success.


Methodology: In several one-on-one virtual sessions each week for a minimum of 3-months, I will personally meet with the Young Professional for them to:


+ Assess their Emotional Intelligence (EQi-2.0), Education and Existing Skills

+ Develop Self-Awareness and Build Confidence

+ Assist their development of their Personal Career Map (Industry, position, salary, location, travel, etc...) against Industry and Market trends

+ Readjust expectations

+ Secure interim employment

+ Assist Development of a Basic Financial Plan

+ Learn Professional Networking 

+ Learn "The Art & Science of an Informational Interview" (I.e., Coffee Calls) 

+ Draft, review and refine online professional branding

+ Write and re-write resumes

+ Practice interview sessions

+ Discuss contract negotiation


Be advised, this program will require significant dedication and active participation by the YP. This will be hard work. It will require self-awareness, courage, and discipline -- and I'll be encouraging and guiding them at every step. Engagements will start with an initial EQi-2.0 assessment, and serval virtual sessions to frame the engagement. Next, we'll start multiple one-on-one virtual sessions each week, plus phone call / text check-ins as needed for 3-months. I will also be available for follow-up and to serve as a professional mentor and sounding board for 1-month afterwards during implementation and execution. 


Pricing: To enable access and affordability for professional coaching to YPs and their familes, I've discounted this project, which represents a tremendous value when compaed to the current (and long-term) costs of the existing situation. Given the estimated ~$80K/year gap, professional coaching for YPs stands to be a greater than "10 to 1" return on investment (ROI) in the first year alone. The goal is to master career skills to be employed year after year for life. 


I'm currently offering this engagement for $1,200 intensive one-on-one professional coaching x 3 month minimum = $3,600


Bottom line: If you want the returns, then you need to make the investment to master specific core skills. If you want to change, then you have to make a commitment to action. There are no shortcuts. Make the decision to invest in yourself -- or in someone you love -- in order to provide the skills needed for professional success.


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  • Important Details: Online Leadership Training

    For the convenience of working professionals, sessions will be conducted via Zoom live online.  We'll provide all materials and budget time for Q&A and coaching.

    Once you've made payment, remember to register so we can provide the Zoom Webinar access details. To register, simply e-mail us at:  Zoom Webinar details will be provided via return e-mail upon receipt / verification of payment.


    A full refund is offered upon request anytime before the start of session #1.


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