Leadership Skills Courses:     Team Training (12-Course Pack)

Leadership Skills Courses: Team Training (12-Course Pack)

Let's make this time count! Use it to master the essential executive leadership skills employed to be more effective, to deliver results and make an impact.


Across industries, executives repeatedly cite a gap in leadership and management skills as a primarily challenge. Since the primary role of a leader is to align diverse talent towards  a shared vision, that's a big problem. The fact is that being a talented specialist without mastering essential leadership skills costs you time, money and missed opportunities -- even promotions. If you're leading a team like this, then it's multiplied!


For years, I served as a senior Intelligence Officer for our U.S. Navy SEALs, and later as a senior advisor and executive leadership coach to highly successful COOs and CEOs.  I've run countless individual and team training events focused on building the executive leadership skills needed for success. Increased leadership capacity is what really delivers exceptional results.


So, in response to repeated requests, and in light of the current health crisis, I'm now offering these same executive leadership skills in a one-time live, online course, which I'll conduct personally. 


The course consists of 12 results-focused lessons -- one delivered live online every  month plus plenty of Q&A opportunities, which provides time for understanding, implementation, workplace application and review of lessons learned. This is the perfect time to invest in yourself and your team. 


Who should attend? Executives, Senior Leaders, First-Line Managers -- and self-starters who want to earn these positions.  


Learning Objectives: Participants will gain critical business leadership skills in:

+ Self-Awareness 

+ Strategic Thinking

+ Organizational Alignment

+ Creating Your Stakeholder Network

+ Leading 360: Up, Down and Across

+ Effective Delegation 

+ Follow-up / Follow Through

+ Time and Energy Discipline

+ Listening Skills, and Empathy

+ Increased Influence

+ Decision-Making Skills

+ Leadership Coaching


To enable access and affordability, I'm discounting the whole project -- and then offering experiences for individuals or teams.



Individual one-on-one single online course: $350

Team (6-8 members) single online course:   $1,500


Team (6-8 members) 6 online courses:         $8,550 (Save 5%)

Team (6-8 members) 12 online courses:       $16,200 (Save 10%)


If you want the returns, then you need to make the investment. If you want to change, then you have to make a commitment. There are no shortcuts. Invest in yourself and your team.  Register now!


Contact me directly for additional details: anthonybrockgroup@gmail.com

  • Important Details: Online Leadership Training

    For the convenience of working professionals, sessions will be conducted via Zoom live online.  We'll provide all materials and budget time for Q&A and coaching.

    Once you've made payment, remember to register so we can provide the Zoom Webinar access details. Simply e-mail us at: anthonybrockgroup@gmail.com  Zoom Webinar details will be provided via return e-mail upon receipt / verification of payment.


    A full refund is offered upon request anytime before the start of session #1.