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High-Performance Teams
Workshop (Live Online)

Effective, high-performance teams achieve organizational goals & objectives.

I'll facilitate a tailored program to help team leaders master the essential leadership, management, and communication skills your team needs. Build a high-performance team, be more effective, deliver better results, and make a genuine impact -- together!


Across industries, leaders repeatedly cite the breakdown in team leadership, management, and communication skills as a primarily challenge. Since these of the building blocks of effective teams, it's a big problem. A group of talented specialists (who are not acting as a team) costs everyone time, money and missed opportunities. Low morale and poor retention are usually not far behind.


Individual and team bespoke training events are focused on building the leadership skills needed for individual and team success. Currently, I'm offering specific, tailored leadership skills training in a live, online course, which I'll conduct personally. 


Following a phone call to discuss your specific challenges, the session will be tailored to present a combination of results-focused lessons --  which allow for understanding and workplace application (with plenty of Q&A). This is the perfect time to invest in yourself and your team. 

Who should attend? Team Leaders and Teams interested in improving performance.

Learning Objectives: Participants will gain critical leadership skills through presentations and discussions across a range of core topics:

+ Self-Awareness and Motivation 

+ Strategic and Operational Thinking

+ Organizational Alignment

+ Effectiveness and Performance Metrics

+ Building a Stakeholder Network

+ Leading 360: Up, Down and Across

+ Effective Delegation 

+ Follow-up / Follow Through

+ Time and Energy Discipline

+ Listening Skills and Empathy

+ Leading by Influence

+ Decision-Making Skills

+ Leadership Coaching


If you want the returns, then make the investment. If you want to change, then you have to make a commitment. There are no shortcuts. Invest in yourself and your team. 

Let's discuss how to most effectively address challenges, frame issues, review assumptions, expand options, and implement solutions in order to improve performance against the obstacles you’ve identified as most impactful.


The investment is $2,500 for 10-12 participants in an intensive, single-session engagement up to 3 hours, including plenty of time for Q&A, designed to provide an exponential return. We'll conduct a discovery call to tailor the program to your team's needs. Follow-up support available to enable successful implementation.


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Business Team

Mastering Alignment:
Team Workshop Series (Live Online)

Mastering Alignment:

Team Workshop Series (Live Online)

Make the serious commitment to significantly increase your performance, productivity, morale, and retention by increasing your team's organizational alignment.


Each session, we'll learn, discuss, and implement best practices in the most important focus areas that shape organizational alignment:

1. Vision & Mission

2. Business Intelligence

3. Strategy & Planning

4. Organizational Design

5. Roles & Responsibilities

6. Corporate Culture, Policy, and Procedures

7. Expanding & Strengthening Partnerships

8. Measuring Effectiveness and Performance

9. Talent Investment: Training & Education

10. Leadership Tools: Redirecting and Reinforcing Behavior

I'll personally facilitate team training workshops, live online, which are interactive discussions of 2-3 hours each by topic. Each session, we'll guide your team through the next reinforcing steps they need to take for lasting game-changing results and deep organizational impact. Includes all reading materials, assignments, follow-on team homework, and plenty of Q&A. 

8-10 participants maximum.


Investment: $4,500 each session