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Invest in Your Own

Professional Development

We partner one-on-one to help you identify strengths and address challenges to enable improved, "next-level" performance. You’ll have personal access to professional coaching either in-person, via video, or phone - adjusted to meet your active schedule.


If desired, gain insights from individual and 360 degree EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Quotient Inventory) Assessments, and tailored training in key areas as needed.


Invest critical time to discuss how to most effectively address challenges, have critical conversations, frame issues, review assumptions, expand options, and implement solutions in order to improve performance against the greatest obstacles you’ve identified as most impactful.


Invest in Your People

We partner with leaders to facilitate exploration of team challenges, discussion of solutions, and commitments to implementation in order to improve strategic alignment, operational processes, and teamwork. Most common requested topics include:

+ Building Trust and High Morale

+ Team-Building Exercises

+ Vision, Mission, and Operations Alignment

+ Effective Communication

+ Healthy Conflict, Commitment, and Accountability 

+ Healthy Friction and Internal Controls

+ Enabling Innovation 

+ Conflict Resolution

+ Commitments and Accountability

+ Team Results and Organizational Impact

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Motivational - Inspirational - Aligned

A former U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer with multiple SEAL Team tours and an accomplished public speaker, Anthony Brock can deliver a unique program experience tailored to reinforce your message for your audience.


His motivational and inspirational stories speak to the value of your vision, mission, strategy, communication, and operational implementation. He provides exactly what you and your team needs for success.

Book your Keynote Speaking Consultation today to learn more.


Professional - Confidential

We serve as a confidential sounding board for senior leaders to talk through hard conversations, frame arguments, craft pitches, negotiate terms, and practice strategic messaging and keynote speeches.

Results in increased personal and professional confidence, decreased anxiety and stress, greater deep organizational impact, and reinforced executive presence.


We partner with successful people

to create positive, long-term change in leadership behavior

in order to enable higher-performance

Business Meeting


Anthony Brock Group partners with executive leaders and their direct reports to enable improved performance, sustained results, and deep impact for leaders, teams, and organizations.

As Founder and CEO, Anthony Brock leverages 25+ years experience as a former U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer with multiple tours in support of U.S. Navy SEALs, a senior advisor to executive leaders, a practicing executive leader, and an accredited and certified executive leadership coach.


Our expanded team scales as needed to include additional coaches, trainers and experienced professionals as needed in order to address your specific needs and deliver value.