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Anthony Brock Group
Executive Leadership Coaching & Advisory

Partnering with CEOs & C-Suite Executives for

 Exceptional Leadership Performance

I'll help you improve your leadership practices,
so you can achieve
real results and enjoy leading again


Executive Leadership is extremely challenging

Even as you individually work harder and longer, you’re too often left feeling more anxious, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

Left unaddressed, these practices leave leaders feeling physically and mentally exhausted. You know it and your team knows it.

There are only so many days solo leaders can “tough it out” before feeling deeply isolated, apathetic, and (eventually) burned out.


Careers are derailed — which is not good for your team, your business, your career, or your health.


The solution? Partner with an Executive Leadership Coach

Great leaders leverage powerful partnerships to survive & thrive!

Because Executive Leaders and Teams deserve exceptional results --

and because every Hero needs a Guide.

A willingness to build a strong team around you is one sign of a strong leader. 

Having an Executive Coach is part of your Executive-level benefits package.

How It Works
















I'm an executive leadership coach

I know how challenging the job can be,
and have
tremendous respect for you in accepting such responsibility.

I care about you being an exceptional executive leader.

I've successfully partnered with scores of executive leaders and know I can help you achieve the results you want. 

I can help you --


  • alleviate anxiety and frustration

  • establish alignment and control

  • regain a sense of peace and calm

  • feel more effective and fulfilled

​My clients feel connected, focused, and engaged.


They have vastly improved performance, increased value, and climbing careers.

Data on a Touch Pad

My clients succeed because they’re partnering with an executive peer in a confidential space to talk, think, strategize, plan, execute, and assess.

These are lessons I learned while serving as an Intelligence Officer in support of leaders and high-performance teams — to include our U.S. Navy SEALs. 

Today, I continue to work with leaders as a coach, advisor, and speaker — trained at Georgetown University and certified as a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC).

For a limited number of executive clients, I bring my unique program to partner in a tailored one-on-one premium service.

Clients lead organizations more effectively and increase executive-level opportunities.

Business Team

Available Now: 2x FREE PDF Downloads

Executive Summary Series
Practical Lessons in Leadership & Management

Mastering Alignment: An Introduction provides leaders with an executive summary of the necessary leadership focus areas required to achieve organizational success.


In this summary: Why organizational alignment matters, the Ten Leadership Practices of Organizational Alignment, and how leaders can find additional information.

The 7 Steps to Effective Delegation provides leaders with a practical, step-by-step executive summary of the necessary parts required to clearly articulate a task or project to a subordinate, negotiate terms, and track progress. Note: The same format can be used by subordinates to effectively acquire information from seniors as well. 


Leaders will learn how to communicate clearly up and down the organization for increased executive-level effectiveness and improved team morale. Win-win. Document includes examples and best practices. 

About Tony

I'm passionate about working with you as an executive leader because you're positioned to make the greatest impact on your team, organization, and industry. I know how challenging your position is, and have tremendous respect for your decision to step up to the responsibility and privilege of executive leadership. It's exciting, demanding work.


Personally, I've served as an executive leader, a certified coach & advisor, an intelligence officer, a senior defense executive, an operations officer, and U.S. Navy Commander (Retired).


Throughout it all, I've consistently enabled executive leaders across the range of industries in commercial for profit and non-profit businesses, U.S. and allied governments, and U.S. Navy SEAL teams to deliver decisive competitive advantage under the most challenging operational environments.

I provide executive coaching packages as a premium service for a limited number of clients.

Contact me directly for a discovery call.

Trusted by CEOs and C-Suite Executives

“ I had the pleasure of working with Tony as my coach for a little over a year. First and foremost, Tony is an excellent listener, and marries this skill with deep insights that helped me better understand a range of issues, from peer relationships, to managing upward, and beyond. I very much valued my time with Tony and highly recommend his services."

Ian King, Chief of Strategy and Membership
American Psychological Association

“I have known Tony for many years, and I have witnessed his leadership skills and business acumen first-hand. He brings a balanced and analytical approach to everything he does. He uses his naval training and experience to identify core issues and to develop fact based solutions. In addition to being results oriented, Tony is also very personable, and he is a pleasure to be around.”

Peter Levesque

President, Ports America

“While he is a critical thinker and profound student of his field, the reason Tony is so effective is because he lives and embodies the best practices he espouses. His ability to help leaders identify and ultimately solve complex issues is exceptional. I learn every time I engage with him, and I can always trust him to help me think through the best approach to tackle emerging items, and to chart the path of long term growth and success. Any leader would be well served to leverage Tony's expertise and counsel.”

Andrew Zwerner

CEO, Chassi

“I've known Tony for well over 20 years, served together at multiple locations in different commands, and ALWAYS looked to him for advice when I was struggling with tough problems.  He has the uncanny ability to look at issues from different angles, ask the right questions, and then distill his thoughts into very understandable and impactful feedback. 

He is simply amazing.  He was deeply-respected in the military and continues to bring the same level of professionalism and superior results to the private sector... That's why I approached him again and asked him to coach for The Honor Foundation!”

Matt Stevens

CEO, The Honor Foundation

CAPT, U.S. Navy (Ret.), SEAL

“ I was very pleased to get to know Tony Brock while I was based in Hong Kong on behalf of Morgan Stanley. Tony is a superb, honorable leader. He is a terrific coach. I am pleased to endorse him.”

Bill Strong 

Partner, Anzu Partners

Additional Support

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