Executive Leadership Coach
& Trusted Advisor

Partnering for leveled up performance,

because Leadership matters.

Why Leadership Coaching?

Although you have the capacity, your consistently demonstrated leadership ability determines your performance as an executive -- and the success of your team.

Want to improve the organization? Start with yourself. Invest in continuous improvement to close the capacity-performance gap.

Promotion is not a reward, but an expectation you can rise to the challenges of the position and adapt to the changing environment. Transitioning from technical skills to consistent leadership proficiency requires coaching in self-awareness, courage, and discipline. We can all benefit from a worthy, confidential sounding board, which is harder to find as we get more senior.

I support people who step up to the responsibility and privilege of leadership because they are the most consequential factor in determining business success.


Great leaders build high-performance executive teams, expand and strengthen stakeholder partnerships, gain competitive advantage, deliver results, and achieve deep impact across organizations and industries.

To remain effective, executive leaders need to continuously improve their ability to positively align:

  • Strategy

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Business Intelligence

  • Organizational Effectiveness

  • Board Partnership

  • Investor Relations

  • Productivity

  • Innovation

  • Performance

  • Service

  • Profits 

  • Growth

  • Morale

  • Talent Attraction

  • Retention


My role is to support you as an executive coach, trusted advisor, team trainer, and speaker focused on your goal of leading people and managing your organization to consistently deliver leveled-up performance. 


About Tony:

I'm passionate about coaching leaders because they're positioned to make the greatest impact on their teams, organizations, and industries. It's exciting, demanding work. Personally, I've served as an executive leader, a certified coach & advisor, an intelligence officer, a senior defense executive, an operations officer, and U.S. Navy Commander (Retired).


Throughout it all, I've consistently enabled leaders across the range of industries in commercial for profit and non-profit businesses, U.S. and allied governments, and U.S. Navy SEAL teams to deliver decisive competitive advantage under the most challenging operational environments.

Leadership Coaching & Advisory

Additional Support


“ I had the pleasure of working with Tony as my coach for a little over a year. First and foremost, Tony is an excellent listener, and marries this skill with deep insights that helped me better understand a range of issues, from peer relationships, to managing upward, and beyond. I very much valued my time with Tony and highly recommend his services."

Ian King, Chief of Strategy and Membership
American Psychological Association

“I have known Tony for many years, and I have witnessed his leadership skills and business acumen first-hand. He brings a balanced and analytical approach to everything he does. He uses his naval training and experience to identify core issues and to develop fact based solutions. In addition to being results oriented, Tony is also very personable, and he is a pleasure to be around.”

Peter Levesque

President, Ports America

“ I was very pleased to get to know Tony Brock while I was based in Hong Kong on behalf of Morgan Stanley. Tony is a superb, honorable leader. He is a terrific coach. I am pleased to endorse him.”

Bill Strong 

Partner, Anzu Partners

“While he is a critical thinker and profound student of his field, the reason Tony is so effective is because he lives and embodies the best practices he espouses. His ability to help leaders identify and ultimately solve complex issues is exceptional. I learn every time I engage with him, and I can always trust him to help me think through the best approach to tackle emerging items, and to chart the path of long term growth and success. Any leader would be well served to leverage Tony's expertise and counsel.”

Andrew Zwerner

CEO, Chassi

“I've known Tony for well over 20 years, served together at multiple locations in different commands, and ALWAYS looked to him for advice when I was struggling with tough problems.  He has the uncanny ability to look at issues from different angles, ask the right questions, and then distill his thoughts into very understandable and impactful feedback.  He is simply amazing.  He was deeply-respected in the military and continues to bring the same level of professionalism and superior results to the private sector... That's why I approached him again and asked him to coach for The Honor Foundation!”

Matt Stevens

CEO, The Honor Foundation

CAPT, U.S. Navy (Ret.), SEAL