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Business Meeting
Team Meeting


Invest in Your Own

Professional Development

I'll partner with you one-on-one to help you identify strengths and address challenges to enable improved, "next-level" performance. You’ll have personal access to professional coaching -- adapted to meet your active schedule.  Tailored support as executive coach, sounding board,  and advisor. 


If desired, gain insights from individual and 360 degree EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Quotient Inventory) Assessments, and tailored training in key areas as needed.


Invest critical time to discuss how to most effectively address challenges, have critical conversations, frame issues, review assumptions, expand options, and implement solutions in order to improve performance against the greatest obstacles you’ve identified as most impactful.


Invest in Your People

I'll partner with your leaders to facilitate exploration of team challenges, discussion of solutions, and commitments to implementation in order to improve strategic alignment, operational processes, and teamwork. Most common requested topics include:

+ Building Trust and High Morale

+ Team-Building Exercises

+ Vision, Mission, and Operations Alignment

+ Effective Communication

+ Healthy Conflict, Commitment, and Accountability 

+ Healthy Friction and Internal Controls

+ Enabling Innovation 

+ Conflict Resolution

+ Commitments and Accountability

+ Team Results and Organizational Impact

Male Speaker


Motivational - Inspirational - Aligned

Tailored Speaking Engagements: Reinforce Your Message

As a retired Navy Commander and former intelligence officer, Tony partners with CEOs and senior executives to deliver a bespoke motivational presentation which leverages his experiences to reinforce their strategic message from realignment and turnarounds to sustaining success and accelerated growth scenarios.

Other popular talks include:

+ Business Intelligence for Leaders: Competitive Advantage in the Information Age

+ Information Overload: Managing Knowledge Within Organizations

+ Leading Organizational Alignment

+ Leading in Support of Operations

+ New Leaders: Launching Young Professionals

Book a speaking consultation today to learn more.


Professional - Confidential

Tony serves as an advisor and confidential sounding board for senior leaders to talk through hard conversations, frame arguments, craft pitches, negotiate terms, and practice strategic messaging and keynote speeches.

Results in increased personal and professional confidence, decreased anxiety and stress, greater deep organizational impact, and reinforced executive presence.


Coach | Advisor | Team Trainer | Speaker

We partner with successful leaders at each level

to strengthen critical skills

and enable next level organizational performance

What Leaders are Saying
Bill Strong.jpg

Bill Strong

Chairman and Managing Director at Longford Capital Management

I was very pleased to get to know Tony Brock while I was based in Hong Kong on behalf of Morgan Stanley. Tony is a superb, honorable leader. He is a terrific coach. I am pleased to endorse him

Peter Levesque.jpg

Peter Levesque

President at Ports America

I have known Tony for many years, and I have witnessed his leadership skills and business acumen first-hand. He brings a balanced and analytical approach to everything he does. He uses his naval training and experience to identify core issues and to develop fact based solutions. In addition to being results oriented, Tony is also very personable, and he is a pleasure to be around. 


Andrew Zwerner

CEO at Chassi

While he is a critical thinker and profound student of his field, the reason Tony is so effective is because he lives and embodies the best practices he espouses. His ability to help leaders identify and ultimately solve complex issues is exceptional. I learn every time I engage with him, and I can always trust him to help me think through the best approach to tackle emerging items, and to chart the path of long term growth and success. Any leader would be well served to leverage Tony's expertise and counsel.

Matt Stevens.jpg

Matt Stevens

CEO, The Honor Foundation

I've known Tony for well over 20 years, served together at multiple locations in different commands, and ALWAYS looked to him for advice when I was struggling with tough problems.  He has the uncanny ability to look at issues from different angles, ask the right questions, and then distill his thoughts into very understandable and impactful feedback.  He is simply amazing.  He was deeply-respected in the military and continues to bring the same level of professionalism and superior results to the private sector... That's why I approached him again and asked him to coach for The Honor Foundation!

Gary N.jpg

Gary Noesner, Author: "Stalling for Time: My Life as an FBI Hostage Negotiator"

CEO, Noesner Consulting

Tony is a talented speaker who brings his significant operational experience and insightful observations to any leadership gathering. His real life lessons gained through having been there and done that make him an engaging and informative speaker.

Beth Smits.jpg

Beth Smits

Global Public Affairs, Marketing, & Communications Executive

I got to know Tony in Hong Kong and asked him to speak with our executives about leadership and management skills. Anthony brings strong understanding of cross-cultural relations to his work as well as a common-sense approach to building successful teams, and his passion for coaching people to do better is contagious.

Anthony Brock Group, LLC

Tony is a former intelligence officer, senior defense executive, and retired U.S. Navy Commander.


He serves as a professionally-certified executive leadership coach, team trainer, and trusted advisor with a focus in leading people, managing systems, and designing organizations to deliver leveled-up performance.


He’s supported leaders in U.S. and allied governments, U.S. Navy SEAL teams, academia, commercial business, security and law enforcement, and the health industry to deliver decisive competitive advantage under the most challenging operational environments.